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Holy Wednesday – April 17, 2019


Holy Wednesday

Daily Devotion – April 17, 2019

Devotion based on Holy Wednesday

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Did you notice something missing? Yes—there is no Bible reading for today’s devotion. Why?

Well, because we are walking through Holy Week, considering some of the things Jesus said and did on each of the days. What do we know about Wednesday? Nothing.

Yes, God chose to record absolutely nothing that happened on Holy Wednesday. Not a word.

“BUT…BUT!” we sputter, “this is the most important week of all time! Surely there were interesting things said or done on that day!”

Probably. But God knew that we didn’t need to know any of it. And so, he didn’t tell us.

This reminds us of an important truth: While the Bible gives us all that we need to know to get to heaven, it doesn’t tell us all that we would like to know. There are many things that God chose not to tell us: when the angels were created, when the Last Day will be, exactly what heaven will be like . . . and what happened on Wednesday of Holy Week.

Hopefully, knowing that God hasn’t told us all we’d like to know will lead us to treasure, even more, the things which God has told us! If God put it into the Bible, it means He thought it was really important for us. If it’s in the Bible, it’s a treasure from God.

One of my favorite professors used this illustration: “When you read the Bible, imagine that at the top of the page it says, Dear ____ (fill in your name). Then comes the message of the page, and at the bottom it’s signed, ‘Love, God.’ And of course it’s signed in red—the blood of Jesus. For on each page of the Bible God is speaking directly to you, telling you about how much he loves you, pointing you somehow, some way to Jesus and the salvation which he won for you.”

So, yes, we know nothing of what happened on Wednesday of Holy Week. That’s okay. In fact, we pray that it leads us to treasure all the more the wonderful things God has told us!

O Savior, lead me to treasure all that you have told me in your Word, that I might cling to you all of my life. Amen.

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