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All The Light We Need – May 26, 2019

The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.
Revelation 21:23

All The Light We Need

Daily Devotion – May 26, 2019

Devotion based on Revelation 21:23

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If you ever want to experience darkness, get in your car some cloudy night and put an hour or two between yourself and the nearest town, pull off on some side road, stop your car and turn off your lights. Without street lights, traffic lights, billboard lights, or lights from apartments and homes, the darkness is truly dark.

That’s the nighttime darkness the Apostle John knew when the Lord allowed him to see a revelation of heaven. It was a beautiful city without sun or moon, and yet those who lived there had all the light they needed. The light came from the Lamb of God, Christ himself.

Thanks to Mr. Edison you and I have all kinds of ways to pierce the darkness of night. When it comes to the darkness of sin, however, well that’s another matter. Out of the darkness of our sin comes the darkness of fear, despair, bitterness, failure, guilt, grief, and death.

If we look within ourselves to pierce such darkness, more darkness is all we’ll find.

That’s why the only answer is Jesus, the one who conquered the darkness of our sin through the cross and the empty tomb.

Therefore, you and I don’t have to be afraid anymore. We have Jesus. And Jesus is all the light we need.

Dear Jesus, in this world of darkness, you are my light. Empower me by your Gospel to bask in your light always. Amen.

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