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The Lord is Near – October 27, 2019

The LORD is my light and salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1

The Lord is Near

Daily Devotion -October 27, 2019

Devotion based on Psalm 27:1

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A man was walking down a very dark and unfamiliar road late at night. His car had broken down and he decided that he would go for help. Clouds blocked any light from the sky. It was pitch black.

As he walked, he gingerly took each step hoping to stay on the road. Suddenly, he slipped off the edge and found himself falling. Certain that he was falling to his death somewhere below, he desperately reached out for something to break his fall. His hand found a bush growing from the side the hill and he hung on for dear life.

His calls for help were in vain. His arms grew weaker by the moment. He was tired and afraid. As his grasp slipped and he began to fall, he thought he was going to die. A moment later, however, his feet landed on the soft grass below. Safety had been only inches away. If only he had let go sooner! He could have avoided all that effort, stress, and fear.

As we face the troubles and dangers of life, we often forget that help is close by. But “the LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth” (Psalm 145:18). Worried about your sins? Afraid of death? Concerned about the future? Don’t be. Your Lord and Savior is always there for you. Don’t be afraid! Just let go! Put your trust in the Lord!

In this world, I am constantly surrounded by dangers. But with you at my side, Lord, I need never be afraid. Teach me to turn my troubles and cares over to you. You are my help and my salvation. Amen.

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