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Cursed No Longer – November 18, 2019

No longer will there be any curse.
Revelation 22:3

Cursed No Longer

Daily Devotion – November 18, 2019

Devotion based on Revelation 22:3

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It happened to my neighbors while they were on vacation. It started as just a small drip in some old plumbing. Pretty soon, the water had made a large hole for itself and soon there was a steady stream of water flowing under an upstairs sink. When my neighbors finally returned home, they found six inches of water in their basement. Floors, walls, and furniture on the upstairs level, main level, and basement would all need to be thrown out and replaced.

Like the leak in my neighbors’ plumbing, sin started out small. In a moment, Adam and Eve thought they knew better than God. So, they disobeyed him. They did their own thing. Pretty soon the effects of sin had spread. Adam and Eve felt shame and wanted to run from God. Things that were once enjoyable were now filled with pain. And, eventually, their lives ended in death. The curse of sin caused so much damage.

It took a little longer than expected, but eventually, my neighbor got his house repaired better than new. All the big problems caused by the small leak were finally fixed and things were as they should be.

God promises that he will put things back the way they should be. We are not told how long it will be but we are promised that God will do it. He will do it because he has already taken care of sin when his Son was sacrificed on a cross two thousand years ago. He will do it by creating a new heaven and a new earth where the effects of sin will be entirely taken away and everything will be as God designed it to be. No longer will we be chased by guilt and shame. Temptation and sin will be a thing of the past. There will be no more pain and suffering. Even death will be a forgotten memory.

At long last, the curse will be gone for all of those who relied on Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and trusted his promise to remove the curse sin caused. No longer will there be any curse!

Gracious God, here and now I struggle under the curse of sin. When those struggles seem to overwhelm me, turn my eyes toward the sacrifice of your Son and toward the day when you will remove sin’s curse forever. Amen.

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