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Be Ready – December 8, 2020

But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.
2 Peter 3:10

Be Ready

Daily Devotion – December 8, 2020

Devotion based on 2 Peter 3:10

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A thief does not announce his arrival ahead of time. He comes when you least expect. Jesus will do something similar. You see, the day of the Lord is the day of Jesus’ return when he will come in great power and glory. The Bible says that this day will come like a thief.

In other words, Jesus tells us that he is coming, but he does not tell us when he is coming. So we have only ourselves to blame if we are not ready when he returns.

The possibility is so dreadful that you have to ask, “What does it mean to be ready?” To answer this question, ask yourself: “What is at the top of my priority list as Christmas approaches? Entertainment or eternity? Gifts or God? A heart longing for a vacation, or a heart ready for Jesus?”

Entertainment is fine. Gifts are wonderful. Vacations are a blessing. But none of these is as important as a relationship with our maker. Sadly, we all mess up our priorities. Because we do not expect Jesus to return any time soon, we allow other things to become more important to us than him.

Today’s Bible reading reminds us not to allow this to happen. Since Jesus could return at any time, we want to be ready at all times. Being ready means setting your heart on Christ. Because in Christ, you are ready. It is for you that Christ came in the flesh. It is for you that Christ suffered and died. It is for you that he promises to come again, not to obliterate you, but to give you eternal life.

When he does, make sure you are ready!

Lord Jesus, make me ready for your day by keeping my faith in you strong. Amen.

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