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Peace – November 25, 2023

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7


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Daily Devotion – November 25, 2023

Devotion based on Philippians 4:7

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Our minds and hearts strain for peace by trying to remove the things that cause stress and hurt. If we get sick, our distress is removed when we are well again. If we find ourselves in serious financial trouble, the stress weighs heavy on our minds, and we are not relieved until the red ink turns black. We tend to equate peace in our lives with an absence of adversity.

How different is the peace of God that we have in Christ! God’s peace far surpasses our understanding of peace. The peace that God gives exists in the midst of difficulties. It settles and flourishes in the minds and hearts of believers. Though we experience all kinds of troubles and struggle to overcome many challenges, we have peace in the midst of everything. The peace of God is founded on what he has already accomplished through Jesus. He charged his Son with the guilt of our sin and inflicted Jesus with the suffering and death we deserved.

True, lasting peace is knowing with our minds and believing with our hearts that our sins have been forgiven by our heavenly Father and that we will spend eternity surrounded by his glory and filled with his blessings. Instead of condemning us to hell, God has promised us heaven. Instead of separation from God, he promises to hold us near and dear to him. God has made us his own through Jesus and will not forsake us. He guards us by his power so nothing can separate us from his love for us in Christ. As God’s own people, we can confidently face every situation—no matter what it is. We have the peace of God through Jesus.

Fill me, O God, with the peace of knowing that in Jesus you love me and are guiding me on the course that keeps me close to you. Amen.

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