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Every Faraway Place – January 8, 2024

“I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.”
Isaiah 49:6

Every Faraway Place

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Daily Devotion – January 8, 2024

Devotion based on Isaiah 49:6

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Try this on for a fun fact. There are twice as many mobile devices in the world as there are people. And you can find mobile devices everywhere. Everywhere! You can find them in the South American jungle. You can find them in the mountain villages of Tibet. You can find them among nomadic tribes in the Sahara. You can find them in isolated huts with dirt floors.

For this reason, there are Christian volunteers who prepare memory cards for missionaries to take to these faraway places—memory cards the missionaries can easily install in people’s mobile devices. The memory cards include Bible studies, songs, an audio New Testament, and a movie about Jesus—all in the language of their region. Thanks be to God.

But faraway places do not just include remote villages on the other side of the world. To anyone who’s living a life without Jesus—that life is also in a faraway place—the aide who cares for your dad at the nursing home; the new friend you’ve made at Thursday night volleyball; the girl who cuts your hair; the mechanic who maintains your car; the couple who’s moved in across the street; the co-worker in the cubicle next to yours; the old friend you’ve known since high school; a member of your own extended family.

In other words, people who live in faraway places include souls you and I see in our lives all the time.

When God the Son came to this earth, he had you and me in mind. When he lived a perfect life on our behalf and suffered and died for our every sin, he had you and me in mind. When he rose from the grave, he had you and me in mind. He also had in mind everyone else living in faraway places, whether that faraway place is in a primitive village on a tiny island or a lonely life someone is living right before your eyes.

And maybe, just maybe, the Lord will reach that faraway place through you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for touching lives in faraway places. And thank you for touching mine. Amen.

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