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Loving Others – May 10, 2024

And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.
1 John 4:21

Loving Others

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Daily Devotion – May 10, 2024

Devotion based on 1 John 4:21

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Growing up with siblings can be fun. Brothers and sisters can create good memories. Things like family vacations, playing in the backyard, watching movies, building forts in the basement and snowmen outside are all things that make having siblings fun. It is easy to love our brothers and sisters in moments like those.

However, it is not always so enjoyable. Living in close proximity with our siblings can provide ample opportunities for unloving behavior. Arguing, fighting, tattling, pushing and shoving, and insulting each other are all too common among siblings.

But it does not change much when we grow up and live around roommates, classmates, and coworkers. While there can be good times with these relationships, there can also be friction. It is difficult to love those who don’t love us back. It is a challenge to love others when they ignore us, insult us, or are so self-absorbed that they pay no attention to us. Why should we love them?

Thank God that he did not view us that way. God easily could have convinced himself that we were not worth loving. Thankfully, God’s love for us did not depend on our behavior toward him. Knowing that we would never perfectly show love to him or to others, God still put his love into practice and offered up his only Son to die on the cross in our place. Even though he knew that we would not always love him, God demonstrated his love for us. Thank God for his faithful love to us!

One of the best ways we can return that love to him is by loving others. We can love others by showing patience when treated poorly. We can love others by showing kindness in the face of rudeness. We can love others with acts of generosity that expect nothing in return. As we love others this way—our love for God will come shining through.

Dear Lord God, thank you for the love you show to me each and every day. Move me to love the people in my life, even if I may not receive the same love from them. Amen.

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