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Ancient Serpent – June 14, 2024

He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan.
Revelation 20:2

Ancient Serpent

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Daily Devotion – June 14, 2024

Devotion based on Revelation 20:2

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It is 2017. Scientists in Europe are conducting an experiment. They are showing a series of pictures to 6-month-old babies. With each picture, the scientists record the dilation of the babies’ pupils. One picture is of a flower. When the babies see the flower, their pupils remain the same. Another picture is of a fish. When the babies see the fish, their pupils remain the same. On the experiment goes.

But then, somewhere along the line, the scientists display the picture of a serpent. When the babies see the serpent, their reaction is different. Even though these infants have no experience with serpents, their pupils dilate, their bodies grow agitated, and they display signs of stress. With this experiment, the scientists conclude in their report that, for some reason, most humans seem to be born with an innate fear of serpents.

Perhaps that should not surprise us. It was the serpent, after all, through which Satan tempted our first parents to sever their relationship with God. It received a curse as a result—destined to crawl and squirm on its belly. Indeed, people have feared serpents for a very long time.

But the image of a serpent is also part of something wonderful. In the last book of the Bible, God’s Word makes reference to what’s recorded in the first book of the Bible. Revelation 20:3 speaks of that ancient serpent—who is the devil or Satan. Someone is seizing that ancient serpent, exerting victorious might. This is possible only because God has fulfilled his promise to send a Savior from sin—the descendent of Adam and Eve who would crush the serpent’s head and destroy the devil’s power.

The ancient serpent, of course, still tries to find ways to frighten, startle, and drive us to despair. When he tries, remember the one who has already come. Remember the one who has lived a holy life in our place and suffered and died for our every sin. Remember the one who lives and reigns. Remember the one who has crushed the ancient serpent. Remember Jesus.

Lord Jesus, when Satan tries to frighten me, remind me that he’s crushed. Remind me of you. Amen.

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